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About Us

CW Music offers arts education and academic tutoring in a holistic environment.

Students are provided with the knowledge and tools to gain a

better sense of music appreciation whilst honing their own ability

and skill as a performer and enthusiast.



We are proud to offer services in dance, piano, voice, violin, guitar, drums, bass, ukulele, music therapy, recording & mixing and music theory. Unique to our studio are our "combination lessons" where students will learn to self-accompany themselves on the piano or guitar whilst singing. We are also very pleased to offer Music Therapy to students/clients of all ages, gender, cultural background, and conditions.


Music is an art and discipline that our teachers have dedicated years of education and time to self-fulfill, master, and teach. Our studio approaches music education in a non-competitive light, yet we strive for the excellence of each individual's musical ability and potential.

Students prepare for recitals twice a year and may be asked to perform in fundraisers benefiting local charities. 

CW Music Students have proudly performed in fundraisers benefiting: