Studio Policy

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”
― Albert Einstein

Introduction -
First and foremost, thank you for your interest in registering for music lessons/music therapy sessions under our tutelage. As you will discover, music is a defined art that hones many attributes that affect our character, our knowledge and our emotions. I trust that you and/or the musician you have enrolled will not only gain a strong understanding and appreciation for music, but also channel the acquired confidence, professionalism, and passion into everyday activities. If you are enrolling a child, I can guarantee that the concentration of study will be appropriate, motivating and inspiring enough to be labeled “awesome.”

Theory instruction is complimentary and is included in all lessons at no additional charge. Theory is essential to the development of music understanding and appreciation. This is our gift to you.

Students may choose to combine voice with piano or guitar and music theory in a 1 ½ hour session - an unique option we are happy to provide students and families who would prefer one teacher catering to multiple disciplines and, moreover, providing lessons to encourage the ability of singing and self-accompaniment on the piano or guitar. 


C.W. Music is a proud studio with a holistic and supportive approach to music education and appreciation. Students take away the fundamentals and techniques to better themselves as both performers and music enthusiasts whilst finding the confidence and know-how to tackle auditions and other opportunities that present themselves.  I have no doubt that music education will impact your life and your family's life in a positive way -- and I speak from personal experience in both my life and witnessing it in my students' lives during my over-a-decade of teaching. A work-hard-determined-"I Can Do This" mentality will present itself on more than one occassion in a self-fulfilling light, and music is your catalyst to guide you. We cannot wait to help you or your child discover the benefits of music as part of your/their journey into music appreciation and potentially a career path!


Musically yours,

Christine A. White



Teaching Motto
“…The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
   --William Arthur Ward

Lesson Fees
Lessons must be purchased upfront in term packages (discounted rate) otherwise paid on a lesson-by lesson basis.  Term discounted-rate payments are accepted in full or may be paid in monthly postdated cheques (dated on the 1st) so long as all cheques are given all at one time at the beginning of the first lesson of each term. VISA/Master card accepted.

Fees for books and other supplementary material must be paid independently at the lesson subsequent to receiving them. Voice students are required to supply their own blank CDs and/or USB for practice tracks. A notice will be distributed to the student when a term is near completion.


Music Therapy sessions must be paid at the time of arrival and/or in advance.

N.B. See Missed Lesson policy & Late Payment policy

♪ Recitals! ♫
Student recitals will be held twice yearly. Repertoire will be collaborated between the teacher and student. Instruction of proper recital etiquette will be taught, instilling confidence in the student’s performance. A small recital fee will be included in the invoice to help cover the cost of the hall and the rental of the piano (more details will be provided closer to the time of the event). Everyone is invited!

You will receive some “thank-you” cash  for any referrals that commit to at least 1 month.
Referrals mean that you value our service(s), and we truly appreciate your kind recommendation of our instruction!

Late Payments

Lessons will cease if an installment is not paid two lessons into the month.
Late payments (payments not received in postdated cheques as agreed upon at the start of each term) will receive a $10 fee.Please be advised that with every business, including our own, it is a means of a livelihood and payment for our services is expected on a timely basis.


Withdrawl from Term

If a student must withdraw within the first 2 months of a term, 7 days notice must be provided. The client will be refunded the amount less the lessons that are then recalculated to reflect the lesson-to-lesson regular rate rather than the discounted term rate, as the term was not fulfilled. There are no refunds if a student chooses to withdraw 3 months into a 5 month term (Winter/Spring) due.


Missed Lesson Policy
Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance. Please understand that make-up lessons are a courtesy, not an obligation that we may only offer schedule permitting.


For any reason, a missed lesson or therapy session is considered paid.  No lessons or therapy sessions will be reimbursed.  Make-up lessons may be granted at no additional charge provided that a notice of absence is given at least 24 hours in advance. This is to allow sufficient time to schedule another student’s make-up session in the time slot that will be missed by you.
Make-up lessons must be scheduled within a month, and will not be scheduled outside of the hours of teaching.


Master-Classes may be held at the end of each month where students who have missed lessons will be invited to attend (typically students who have missed class earlier in the month due to an illness).


In the event of weather hazards, and when 24 hours notice is received, the lesson will be made up for when the weather permits.

If the teacher/therapist cancels a lesson/session, the client will be reimbursed.