Royal Conservatory of Music Theory Certificate Program
  • 45 mins Group Class, online or in-person
  • Levels Prep A & B – Level 10
  • Classes run from September – June, Academic Term 2022-23.
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Music Theory Certification at Every Level The RCM curriculum is designed to enrich practical studies concurrently by level therefore supporting the study of music theory at every stage of a student’s musical development. It encompasses rudiments, harmony, counterpoint, analysis, and music history, and has been carefully written to enhance the skills of aural awareness, analytical thinking, and creativity. Upon successful completion of each RCM Theory Exam Level, a student will be recognized with a Certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Our school offers the RCM Theory Certificate Group Class as a course or as part of our CW Conservatory Program. See p. 8 in our Student Handbook for more details.
Why should I take a Music Theory course?
  • Students achieve a deeper understanding and appreciation of music, allowing for independence and creativity.
  • Students who study music theory become fluent in the language of music.
  • The more fluent, the easier it will be to grasp musical concepts.
  • Theoretical levels are tied to practical (performance) levels, reinforcing concepts encountered in repertoire, technique, and musicianship studies.
  What are the benefits of The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program?
  1. High quality: The Royal Conservatory offers a national standard of music education
  2. Comprehensive: The RCM Certificate Program includes repertoire, etudes, technique, sightreading, ear training, musicianship, and theory.
  3. Well-rounded Structure: The program provides a consistent clear path for well-rounded musical training, and meaningful structure for rewarding excellence.
  4. Recognition of Achievement: Student achievement is recognized at each level through examinations. Students can celebrate their accomplishments and track their progress.
  5. Accredited Assessments: An accredited examiner from the RCM’s College of Examiners provides objective feedback and comments which can be valuable in developing the student’s skills.
  6. High School Credit: Many high schools recognize RCM Certificate Program examinations for credit toward graduation.
  7. College Application (extracurricular): An impressive addition to any resume – demonstrates musical accomplishments, creativity, a willingness to learn, and the ability to achieve goals. Students who participate in RCM examinations tend to become more dedicated to their instrument and practice more often.
  8. Achievement in RCM Certificate Program examinations is an impressive addition to any resume. More than just sharing individual’s musical accomplishments, it is indicative of their creativity, a willingness to learn, an ability to set both short and long-term goals, and a commitment to achieving difficult tasks.
Tuition: 34% off class tuition with any Program ~$29 / class if not taken with 1:1 private lessons
Interested in both Theory & 1:1 Music Instruction? Our Conservatory Program would be the right fit for you, with reduced tuition rates when you bundle theory & music lessons together.
  >> View Class Schedule      These courses are also a part of our B: Sparks & Triple Threat Programs with a bundled discount. Musical Theatre – Sing, Dance & Act! Our Musical Theatre class teaches choreography, solo singing and group harmonies while emphasizing technique and performance artistry. Students learn repertoire of ensemble pieces through storytelling, while building confidence.

Hip Hop (ages 4-6 | 7 – 10 | 11 – 17)

Dance students will meet once a week in a group setting to learn routines with teachers. Performances will be held in the Winter & June recitals and performance crews will perform in the Rock Band & Performance-Student Concert.

Tiny Bubbles (ages 3-6)

Tiny Bubbles is a group dance program designed to create a fun environment of movement and expression, introduced with basic fundamentals of movement, coordination, musicality and group interaction skills. The students will use self-expression and imagination.

Interested in multiple courses? Our Programs include music & dance courses that run from September – June at a reduced tuition rate. Choose a Program that aligns with your goals!
CW Music professional instructors offer private lessons in Piano, Voice, Guitar, Drums, Ukulele, Bass, Violin. Our students are comprised of all skill levels and ages, several of whom have started lessons in their formative years and are now adults. Our Academic Term runs from September to June with two student concerts. Private Lessons can also take place over the Summer.

PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS Piano, Drums, Guitar, Violin, Viola, Voice, Ukulele, Bass, Theory

  • 30 minutes Recommended for the young beginner, typically under the age of 9.
  • 45 minutes Recommended for the intermediate and/or older beginner.
  • 60 minutes Recommended for students with an eagerness to learn. For any age with the attention and focus.

Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program

Levels 1 – 4 (Beginner)

Levels 5 – 8 (Intermediate)

Levels 9, 10, ARCT (Advanced)

Registration can begin at any time in the Term. Royal Conservatory of Music exam preparation is also available with select teachers. Royal Conservatory of Music Theory Certification is available for all music students. Practical: These examinations evaluate the performance of repertoire, etudes or vocalises, technical tests, aural skills, sight reading/singing. Theory: These examinations evaluate the understanding of building blocks of music, from the basics of notation at the Elementary levels to structural and harmonic analysis at the Advanced levels.   We recommend taking the Conservatory Program which includes Private Music Lessons & RCM Group Theory; Performance Program which includes Private Music Lessons and Rockband; or Triple Threat which includes Private Music Lessons, musical theatre, dance and acting.  

Students partake in both recreational and music activities. Members form a band and perform in an end-of-session performance!

Whether you are a beginner or advanced in an instrument, this music camp makes learning music a fun and creative experience with other young musicians. Our Summer Music Camp is an education based and performance driven camp. Students learn music appreciation and perform at the end of each session in a group. Activities include music theory games, vocal exercises, etc. The camp is led by professional, performing musicians who are expert teachers at our school. Time flies at camp! Expect a lot of amazing memories & music learning. Register for Camp using our Booking page or fill up our Registration Form.     These courses are also a part of our A: Sparks Program for a bundled discount.

Ukulele Kids – Accompany your child as they are introduced to the ukulele! This is a fun, introductory class to inspire and motivate young children. This class is a great program for children who have never taken any formal music lessons before, which in turn is a stepping-stone towards private lessons. The parent/guardian will also engage in the fun and learn the basics with their child!

Hip Hop  Dance students will meet once a week in a group setting to learn routines with teachers. Performances will be held in the Winter & June recitals and performance crews will perform in the Rock Band & Performance-Student Concert. Mini Jamz Our popular, award-winning Rock Band program is a fun, performance-based class that meets once a week studying pop to rock repertoire. Students play instruments corresponding to their own private-lesson practice and/or experience and collaborate with other musicians. Rock Bands perform in recitals, concerts and events in the lower mainland.  
Interested in multiple courses? Our Programs include music & dance courses that run from September – June at a reduced tuition rate. Choose a Program that aligns with your goals!

An award-winning, performance-oriented weekly class for group rehearsals.

Students are taught music tailored to their ability and age, and perform on a live stage.

Past Performances have included: CTV, Vancouver Television, Massey Theatre (Kean Cipriano Tour), Aria Convention Centre (Sheryn Regis), Canada Day Parade, Minion Tour (Despicable Me 2, Universal Pictures promotion), in the Philippines (benefiting Bikes for the Philippines), locally benefiting charity including BC Cancer Foundation, SOS Children’s Villages, Run for H20 and more… This course is a part of our A: Sparks (Mini Jamz), B: Sparks (Jr./Sr.Jamz) and Performance Program for a discounted Term rate.