​Recording session –​

1.5 hours includes recording with Sonar Cakewalk Studio & with the piano/midi keyboard if applicable. The musician will record several takes with focus on 1 song. 2+ hours outside of studio time includes editing and sound mixing, finished with a CD that can be used for auditions, demos, gifts, and/or personal use (keepsake).

University students seeking to apply to schools outside their region may be asked to supply an audition CD. The recording session is mobile and will capture clear, live music presentation for your recording and audition needs.


RCM Theory Exam Prep. - ​​

Elementary & Intermediate Rudiments

$35 / hour for students not enrolled in any other C.W. Music course.

Discount: $25 / hour for students enrolled in private/group lessons​​.

Students who wish to take a rudiments exam will need theory preparation. This is an excellent and essential stepping stone for students who may potentially want to explore a career in music and gain a better understanding of the "math" and "language" of music.​