Student Achievements & Honour Roll

Musicianship Achievement

This award is presented to a student who has studied under a teacher’s instruction for at least one year, who demonstrates the ability to challenge themselves in order to excel, and displays a strong appreciation for the art of music.

Musicianship Excellence

This award is presented to a student who has studied under a teacher’s instruction for at least two years. This student has shown exceptional dedication and achievement in addition to a passion and creativity for music and initiative to learn.

                            Musicianship Excellence              Musicianship Achievement

Spring 2011         Joram Tsai, Andrew Zulaybar       Kayla Britania, Robyn Taleon

Winter 2011         Kaela Valencia                              Keannu Manuel, Breanna Rama

Spring 2012          Janine Tsai                                   Raya Pizarro, Jasmine Tsai

Winter 2012         Angelica Lames                            Macie Dahl, Emiliana Custodio

Spring 2013          Raya Pizarro                                 Sarah Poon, Jessica Pham

Winter 2013          Breanna Rama                             Precious O., Kevin Britania

Spring 2014          Jasmine Tsai                                Nicole Asadon, Louise Maldo

Winter 2014          Jessica Andaluz                          Eva Jarvis, Jamie T.

Spring 2015          Sarah Poon                                  Nicole Ferrer, Miguel Fresnoza, Joshua S.

Winter 2015          Aldrix Aniceto                             Aurora B, Railene Concepcion

Spring 2016          Macie Dahl                                  Max Ng, Lea Marie Manangan, Chanice Noquiera

Winter 2016          Louise Maldo, Kayla Britania      Kendrix De Vera, Jasmine Fontaine, Joshua Tam

Spring 2017          Angelica Abijero, Beatrice Sia    Talisa Ng, Calix Tadiosa, Cassandra Albos, Inbal Harim

Winter 2017          Adrian Taban, Leroy Gracey        Jacob Champman, Kale Dahl, Tirsten Lisondra, Allison Marcos

Spring 2018          Eva Jarvis, Max Ng                      Jaden Chow, Kayleen Katipunan, Emma Franco Jamielyn De Leon

Winter 2018          Aldrin Albos, Chanice Noquiera  Sofia Vinluan, Ethan Aguilar, Josephine Perez, Nathaniel Salvador

Spring 2019          Emma Franco, Cassandra Albos   Princess Rigor, Bret Capistrano, Chrisa TAD-y, Denise Preira

Winter 2019          Railene Concepcion                     Dale Capistrano, Anna Zarosa, Aimee Chu

June 2020             Calix Tadiosa                                 Eden Summer Gilmore, Evie Tyrell

Royal Conservatory of Music Exams

Summer 2020              Aretha Sia - Level 8 Piano, Honours


Winter 2019                 Jasmine Tsai - Level 8 Theory, First Class Honours

August 2019                Aretha Sia - Level 6 Piano, Honours

                                    Jasmine Tsai - Level 9 Piano, First Class Honours, 10% above National Average

                                    Macie Dahl - Level 3 Piano, First Class Honours 

Winter 2018                Trisha Capistrano, Jasmine Tsai, Bret Capistrano History 10, First Class Honours


August 2018                 Aretha Sia - Level 4 Piano, First Class Honours

                                     Joram Tsai - Level 9 Harmony, Honours


June 2018                    Dale Capistrano - Level 3, First Class Honours

                                    Sofia Vinluan - Level 6 Piano, Honours


June 2018                   Jasmine Tsai - Level 8 Piano, Honours

                                   Inbal Harim - Level 5 Theory, First Class Honours


Winter 2017                 Inbal Harim - Level 5 Piano, First Class Honours

                                    Bret Capistrano - Level 9 Piano, Honours

                                    Melanny BNanda - Level 4 Piano, First Class Honours

                                    Louise Maldo - Level 4 Piano, Honours

                                    Jasmine Tsai - Level 7 Piano, Honours

                                    Talisa Ng - Level 4 Piano, Honours


Spring 2017                 Jasmine Tsai - Level 7 Theory, First Class Honours

                                    Jasmine Tsai - Level 6 Piano, Honours

                                    Trisha-Mae Capistrano - Level 8 Piano, Honours

Spring 2016                 Raya Pizarro - Level 6 Piano, Honours

                                    Kayla Britania - Level 4 Piano, First Class Honours

                                    Joram Tsai - Level 8 Piano, First Class Honours

                                    Sarah Poon - Level 4 Piano, Honours

Winter 2016                Jasmine Tsai - Level 5 Piano, First Class Honours

                                    Jessica Pham - Intermediate Rudiments, Honours

                                    Raya Pizarro - Intermediate Rudiments, Honours

Spring 2015                 Raya Pizarro - Grade 4 Piano, First Class Honours

                                    Jessica Pham - Grade 4 Piano, Honours

Winter 2015                 Joram Tsai - Grade 7 Piano, Honours

August 2014                Joram Tsai - Advance Rudiments, First Class Honours with Distinction

Winter 2014                 Macie Dahl - Prep B Piano, First Class Honours with Distinction

                                     Joram Tsai - Level 6 Piano, First Class Honours

                                     Joram Tsai - Intermediate Rudiments, First Class Honours

April 2013                     Joram Tsai - Level 4 Piano, First Class Honours



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