Thank you CW Music for the special classes for my son. He has really grown these past 2 years in his abilities. I am so glad that he has become friends with a nice group of kids at CW Music who also love music .

Melanie Cheng mother of student

My daughter has been training with CW Music for 2 years now and we couldn’t be more grateful for such an outstanding music school. CW Music goes above and beyond for their students and offers the highest standards of teaching…[W]e couldn’t imagine not having them as part of our lives. I highly recommend CW Music not only for their outstanding school, teachers and leadership, but because they make you feel like family and have only the best interests of their students and their families in mind. They love music and sharing these gifts and you can see why.

Sonia Gilmore mother of student

CW Music is really awesome because I met new friends and built my confidence. When I first came to CW Music I was really shy to talk to my music teachers but now I’m talking to them all the time. Also CW Music is like my second home because I always go there 4 days every week and I really enjoy it. The teachers there are really nice cool and awesome.

Railene student