Benefits of a Recital

Recitals give students a goal to work towards, no matter one’s age or skill level. A recital is not a place to compare or compete, but to demonstrate and share a summary of a music lesson journey through a select song that may have taken 2 to 10 months to prepare for friends and family. The validation and positive reinforcement a musician receives afterwards is important to a healthy growth in music study.

The exposure to witnessing music come alive by the fingertips or voice of a peer is a learning experience in itself. Students witness a range of abilities and skills — young and old(er) performers; proficient and beginner — which ultimately inspires, encourages and rejuvenates.

The recital is a place for students to gain confidence and learn composure during a stressful task. As it is human to err., there is no way in completely avoiding mistakes and slips, ever, and thus this recital space teaches a student to perform through the challenges.

Nerves are normal and acceptable. Parents can anticipate their child’s feelings of excitement, anxiousness, and even sudden doubts and tantrums to back down. Encourage and validate their feelings, and remind them that they are not alone in their feelings — and no matter what, you will give them the biggest applause.

Teachers will encourage performances at a recital, but never force. A teacher has been in the shoes of their student and recognizes how intimidating it can be to perform in front of an audience, yet the teacher also knows how important it was to shaping their own music ability (and career) which is experience they pass on to their students. If a student opts out of playing in a recital, it would be beneficial to the student and the parent to at least be in attendance to witness the joy that comes from performing in a welcoming environment.

As our Academic Term comes to an end and we anticipate our recital on June 29, please remember that our teachers are so very proud of all of their students. We look forward to giving high-fives and grins of “I knew you could do it!”

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