Lessons can be tailored to your comfort: 

1. all in-person (at our school)

2. all online

3. once a month in-person and the rest of the month online

4. bi-weekly alternation between in-person and online

Private Music Lessons








30 minutes
Recommended for the young beginner, typically under the age of 9.

45 minutes
Recommended for the intermediate and/or older beginner.

60 minutes
Recommended for students with an eagerness to learn. For any age with the attention and focus. RCM Exam students Level 4 and above.
Private lessons start at $29. 
Contact us to set up private music lessons with our teachers: info@cwmusic.ca

Multi-Discipline Lessons

Piano + Voice

Piano + Guitar

Guitar + Voice

Guitar + Drums

Drums + Voice

Drums + Piano

Drums + Bass

Music Discipline 1 (45 minutes)
+ Music Discipline 2 (45 minutes)  - Intermediate & Advanced students / Older Beginner
Choose two or more disciplines and receive tuition savings.
Multi-Discipline teachers have the expertise and training to teach two disciplines in one sitting; a popular option for those who may seek an opportunity to sing-and-play and/or learn two instruments with one teacher, in one sitting, which is both a savings on time and tuition fees.
Contact us to set up private music lessons with our teachers: info@cwmusic.ca

Group Classes




Rock Band



Spring & Summer Music Camps

For ages 3-6
Group Ukulele Kids - parent & child 
Musical Theatre - singing & choreography
Rainbow Stars - singing & rhythm / parent & child
Hip Hop
Group setting to groove and move.
Musical Theatre
Ages 13-19 | 6 - 12 | 3 - 6
Singing with choreography!
Rock Band
A performance-oriented weekly class for group rehearsals. Students are taught music tailored to their ability and age, and perform on a live stage. By audition. 
Acting - Adults
This class is 2 hours and meets weekly. Our teacher, a working actor, introduces exercises and concepts in theatre & acting.
Poise and posture are some of the elements covered in our runway class. Students will be guided on how to walk confidently with or without heels. Two walks are studied: catwalk & pageant walk. This class is geared for those looking to learn some tips and tricks to help one walk with confidence.
Spring Break & Summer Music Camps
Students partake in both recreational and music activities. Members form a band and perform in an end-of-session performance!

Other Services





Recording/Mixing with Professional Sound Engineer

Practice Rooms & Band Rehearsal Rental Space
All of our practice rooms include an upright piano. Or get your band together and rehearse in our fully equipped space, with a drum kit, cords, amps. 

Musician bookings for Events
Our teachers are performing musicians and may be available to take your requests to perform at your event. To book our student rock bands, please follow the Studio Rock Band link.

Music Therapy rates & availability upon request

What is the The Certificate Program?

The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program (The Certificate Program) provides a recognized national standard and sequenced program for people studying music privately, from beginner through advanced levels. The program's examinations allow students to track their progress and celebrate their accomplishments. The RCM's assessment program develops complete musicianship by including technical tests, etudes, repertoire, ear tests, and sight reading in each practical examination. The program accelerates the development of musical literacy, increase understanding of the vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of the musical language, and encourages an enriched understanding of stylistic and structural awareness. 

(source: RCM Syllabus, 2016)


The Certificate Program's examinations have been used for high school and college credits.


Do I have to start with the RCM stream right away?

At CW Music, our beginner piano students (Levels 1-4) may choose to begin piano studies with the Piano Adventures Method (no exam) or the RCM stream (exam). The Piano Adventures Stream is usually the most preferred option, as theory is integrated in the lesson and paired with repertoire in the method book. Preparation for a RCM practical exam includes studies of etudes, repertoire, sight reading, and technical, all components a student is tested on. RCM Theory is a separate exam and therefore a separate course due to the volume of material.


Once a piano student completes Level 4 or 5 of the Piano Adventures stream, they are automatically placed into the RCM stream, beginning with Level 4 or 5. Levels 1-4 theory exams are optional. Level 5 and up are required to take RCM Theory Exams to receive the completion certificate of their respective level. This is the mandatory curriculum of the RCM, and not CW Music. The RCM administer the exam, and all exam fees are payable to the RCM.


What is a RCM teacher?

RCM teachers at CW Music have years of specialized training in their field and the exam experience to prepare students for their own exams, in accordance with the RCM syllabus. These teachers have obtained their RCM Teacher Certification or equivilent.

Royal Conservatory of Music


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