Triple-Threat (Music, Dance, Act)

1 Weekly Private Lesson & 1 Weekly Group Theory Class. 3+ Performance Opportunities.

Program runs from September 2022 – June 2023

Program includes:

  • 1:1 Music Lesson
  • Musical Theatre / Acting
  • Theatre Production
  • 3 Performance Opportunities

The CW Triple-Threat Program explores music, dance and theatre. The program allows students to explore multiple Arts Programs to prepare them for the stage in a “Triple-Threat” (Music-Dance-Act) Production! Students meet in weekly group rehearsals to refine their skills in dancing, acting/runway to develop stage presence, confidence and co’ordination. Students are grouped by age (kids/tweens/teens). Students will also further develop their skills in weekly Private Lessons to refine their music knowledge in 1:1 vocal or instrument studies. All Performing Arts students meet together in April to prepare a “Triple-Threat” Production that is comprised of singing, dancing and acting. The “Triple-Threat” group will perform in December and June concerts and other venues with an audience. Additionally, each student will perform a solo that they prepared in their weekly private lesson at each concert.


~$208-310 / mo*

5% multi-instrument discipline (e.g. guitar & drums)
10% sibling discount for all group courses


♥Late enrollment welcome.

*monthly rates vary depending on:
Duration of private lesson (30, 45 or 60 minutes)
Day of the week the Private Lesson falls on

Students can choose between a Weekday Class Schedule or a Weekend Class Schedule or a mix of both. Class schedules are subject to change.

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CW 2023-24 Programs Class Schedule Academic Term 2023-24


View our Information Booklet for More Information including Concerts, Course Descriptions, RCM Curriculum, High school credit, Tuition Fees & Sibling Discounts.


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