Louise Maldo

Louise Maldo


Louise Maldo is a dynamic singer-songwriter on a musical journey, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies with a focus on vocals and a secondary emphasis on piano. From the tender age of eight, Louise embarked on her musical odyssey, honing her craft through dedicated piano and vocal lessons at CW Music. A proud alumna after a decade of immersive study, she has seamlessly integrated her classical training with contemporary flair.

Louise’s musical prowess extends beyond the classroom, as she has graced the stage with live bands and showcased her talents in captivating recitals. A true artisan, she finds joy in the art of composition and production, weaving together melodies that resonate with her audience on a profound level.

Beyond her own musical pursuits, Louise is a beacon of inspiration, eagerly sharing her expertise to empower aspiring musicians. With a genuine desire to nurture the next generation of talent, she champions the dreams of young students, encouraging them to reach for the stars and unlock their full potential in the world of music.

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without” -Confucius