Studio Rock Bands

Our studio Rock Bands are built on the foundation of sharing music, empowering our youth, and giving back to the community.

In 2011, our studio director organized a performance with her students to raise funds and awareness for the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Since then, the momentum to give back through music was maintained.

CW Music & Performing Arts has supported local charity events including: SOS Children's Villages, BC Cancer Foundation, CTV Toy Mountain, Stop a, and most recently internationally for Bikes for the Philippines in the beautiful country itself. We are grateful for these opportunities to instill humility in our youth -- to teach the importance of "sharing" the spotlight or all together re-directing it to a worthy cause.

CW created studio Rock Bands to give musicians an opportunity to share and collaborate their individual practice in a group setting. Musicians are taught the dynamics of musicality, team work and stage presence.

Our studio Rock Bands have been invited to perform in several events and shows including Paul Anthony's Talent Time at The Rio Theatre; Vancouver Television #minionTour for Despicable Me 3 at Steveston Festival, Playland and Canada Place; Philippine Independence Day; Canada Day Parade;  VTV promotion of Sing; with Kean Cipriano for his Canadian Tour at Massey Theatre; and much more...

Interested in joining one of our rock bands?

About the Rock Band Program

Co'requisite: private lessons

By audition. See postings for audition dates and/or email inquiries.


The CW Rock Band program is designed for musicians looking to enhance their music study and perform with a group. Students learn to perform with other musicians while working on their own stage-presence. The class is fast-paced and dynamic, allowing students to explore creatively and artistically the music in their repertoire.


As with any musician, individual practice is a must. The band program does not replace individual lessons. Students in this program meet once a week for rehearsal and may be requested to perform at invitational events, including the CW Music Ltd. Concert productions.

Please e-mail us if you would like any of our studio bands to perform at your event. Thank you!

If you are looking to rent our band rehearsal place, please also feel free to contact.


Due to a recent demand for our support, we kindly request that a drum set is provided at your event.