Private Lesson Series

CW Music professional instructors offer private lessons in Piano, Voice, Guitar, Drums, Ukulele, Bass, Violin and Viola. Our students are comprised of all skill levels and ages, several of whom have started lessons in their formative years and are now young adults. Our Academic Term runs from September to June with two student concerts. Private Lessons can also take place over the Summer.

Registration can begin at any time in the Term. A Term is ~ 39 lessons. Half Term options (15 lessons) are also available. Drop-in (one-time) lessons may be booked online. A Term tuition discount starts at $29.00 per half hour.

Royal Conservatory of Music (Piano & Voice) exam preparation is also available with select teachers.

Unique of our studio, we offer Music Lesson Packages. This is a very popular choice for many of our long-term students. Essentially, if you choose to study more than one instrument, you will save on tuition (~$400.00 in annual savings). Many of our students enjoy this option, as it allows them to explore more than one instrument, which also gives them the opportunity to combine the disciplines in performances(e.g. piano & voice studies — a student can self-accompany themselves on piano while singing).

Talk to one of our booking staff today to start your Private Lesson Series and join our musical community!