Groups For Ages 3-6

Ukulele Kids – Accompany your child as they are introduced to the ukulele! This is a fun, introductory class to inspire and motivate young children. This class is a great program for children who have never taken any formal music lessons before, which in turn is a stepping-stone towards private lessons. The parent/guardian will also engage in the fun and learn the basics with their child!


Musical Theatre – Sing, Dance & Act! Our Musical Theatre class teaches choreography, solo singing and group harmonies while emphasizing technique and performance artistry. Students learn repertoire of ensemble pieces through storytelling, while building confidence.


Rainbow Stars – This program was named by its own students! Rainbow Stars is a multi-session program that introduces the principles of music through singing songs, playing music games, instruments and rhythm. This program is a stepping stone towards private lessons. The class runs for 30 minutes.